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Learn more about Casey Calhoun and the White House
Good gracious, it's wonderful to meet you! I'm Casey Calhoun, Assistant Gardener at the White House.

The First Lady, Margaret Bradley, has tasked me with developing an organic gardening program for the gardens and lawn. The reason for her special project is a SECRET. So shhh...

My love for gardening and for the land comes from my grandmother Faye, who also taught me how to act like a good Southern lady (although I can't say I always make her proud on that account. I have a bit of a wild streak in me.) Grandmother Faye and my aunts Abla and Willow raised me in the historic City of Charleston, South Carolina. Oh my, were there gardens to drool over in Charleston! The loveliest of them all was, of course, my grandmother's. Her garden wrapped around the old family estate in the South of Broad neighborhood, providing stunning colors and textures ten months out of the year.

You'd think I'd lead a quiet life, but *sigh* trouble seems to find me. I'd only been working at the White House for a few months when...

I stumbled across a dead body in Lafayette Square!

She'd been stuffed into a trashcan.
Now everyone at the White House is worried about what is happening. The Secret Service believe that President John Bradley might even be in danger!

If you were in my shoes, I know you wouldn't sit on your hands and hope for the best. I saw something in that park that pre-dawn morning. If I ask a few questions, I'm sure I can puzzle out what happened and why.

Easy as pie
, as my Aunt Willow would say. What harm could come from asking a few questions?